Most people have never been through probate, so it’s difficult to know if you need one. Probate is when a person’s assets are distributed according to their will or the laws of their state. In this article, you will learn who is a probate lawyer Atlanta, what they do, and why you should hire one.

Who is a Probate Lawyer

Probate lawyers, sometimes called estate planning attorneys, are concerned with the administration of a person’s estate after they pass away. They ensure that the will is carried out and relocate assets according to the deceased person’s wishes. They also make sure creditors are paid and taxes are filed, as well as filing any necessary papers with the court.

Why You Should Hire a Probate Lawyer

If you are looking to hire a probate attorney, here are some reasons why you should:

1. Help you create a will and trust

One of the main reasons why you would hire a probate lawyer is to help you with the creation of a will or trust. Probate lawyers usually have a good understanding of this area, and can make sure your wishes are carried out. Writing a will or trust is not simple, and a probate lawyer can help you make sure that you are getting the most out of your assets.

2. Help with disputes

If there are disputes over wills or estates, a probate lawyer can step in to help resolve them. They are also often involved in inheritance disputes, which can be settled quickly and easily.

3. Help your loved ones

Probate lawyers understand the process of passing away and the balances of your important assets and liabilities. He or she will also make sure your loved ones are protected and not pulled into disputes. This is important because it can affect their well-being.

How to Find a Probate Lawyer

To find a probate lawyer, look online, call around and ask friends or relatives. You can also ask at the funeral home where your loved one is currently being held. Here are some factors to consider when picking a probate lawyer:

i. Should be certified

Before you hire a lawyer, make sure that they are certified to practice law in the state where they are located. You can check this by either looking them up or asking the funeral director where you can find a local probate lawyer.

ii. Experience

Make sure you check the level of experience that your lawyer has. This way, you will know the lawyer will be able to handle the situation properly and know how to act. You can ask for references or check out their background online.

iii. Rate

When finding a lawyer, you want to get a good deal. You want to make sure you get a probate lawyer Atlanta who is willing to negotiate his or her rate of service.

Probate lawyers can help you with managing your estate after you pass away. They will make sure your will or trust is carried out, and that your loved ones are protected from disputes. When looking for a lawyer, make sure they are certified to practice law in your state, and that they have experience with this type of case.