As a small business owner, you’re probably familiar with some of the challenges of running a company. You may have even dealt with a few of those challenges yourself. But, there’s always a chance you haven’t encountered them quite yet. Maybe you aren’t sure what to expect as your company grows. Or, perhaps you just don’t know where to start when finding an attorney who can guide your company through this uncharted territory. Either way, looking for an experienced business lawyer in Atlanta shouldn’t be something that scares you away from taking action. This article will help you understand some of the complexities associated with hiring an experienced business litigation lawyer so that you can feel confident about moving forward with the process without any reservations or second thoughts.

What is an Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyer?

A business litigation lawyer can work with clients on many cases. They may be the ones that provide their services to help a client with filing and reviewing business contracts, drafting business agreements, or providing legal advice regarding dispute resolution. Regardless of how they specialize, a licensed attorney is bound by Georgia’s Rules of Professional Conduct, which outline standards that all professionals must follow in the state. Specifically, these rules define the conflicts of interest a lawyer must deal with-everything from making his financial interests clear before taking action to discharge obligations owed to clients and notifying them at the first opportunity of any changes in those obligations.

Who does a Business Litigation Lawyer help?

A business litigation lawyer helps a variety of different types of clients. On one hand, you have individuals and small businesses that might have just set up shop in town and are looking for someone with experience to help them navigate their way through unfamiliar territory. On the other hand, a lawyer can also help people who have been in the industry for years with larger projects-from helping them review contracts to defending them against various lawsuits.

Examples of cases that an Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyer handles

In the simplest terms, Georgia’s Rules of Professional Conduct are designed to regulate a lawyer’s conduct as it pertains to a specific case. Many refer directly to cases that have already been filed, while others give guidance on what a lawyer can and cannot do once they are on the road toward handling one. Some examples include:

  • A client files a legal action against another person or company. Your client might have been involved in a deal with someone else, and subsequently found out that they did not have the rights they thought they had.
  • A client files suit against you for breach of contract or fraud.
  • A client files a complaint against you for malpractice.
  • A client sues you for two or more different instances of the same kind of conduct.
  • A client is involved in a dispute with another business regarding payment for services or materials provided. This can include complaints about late payments, damaged goods or services, and other issues.

Where can you find more information about Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyer?

There are plenty of resources you can use to find a recommended lawyer when it comes to Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyer. The best way to find one is to start by learning about their background and work history. For example, you could find out whether or not they have any clients that have filed against them in the past or whether or not they’ve ever found themselves involved in any controversy of their own. You should also make sure they specialize in the types of cases that you need help with, which will help lower your risk if you hire them. A good place to start is with the Georgia Legal Help Directory.