Deciding to appeal your case can be an extremely stressful experience. If you want to maximize your chances of success, you should find an experienced civil appeals lawyer in Atlanta to represent you in court. Here are some benefits of working with this type of legal expert that might help you make up your mind about whether or not to hire him or her

Freedom From a Guilty Verdict

When you have been charged with a crime, you are likely scared about the outcome. It’s common for people to experience panic, stress, or anxiety when the verdict is finally announced. The emotional fallout from such an event can be difficult to cope with on your own.

An experienced civil appeals lawyer in Atlanta will work diligently to help ensure your freedom from any charges you may be facing.

Avoiding Jail Time

Facing jail time can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be if you find a qualified lawyer. A civil appeals lawyer can assist at trial and on direct appeal to help you avoid jail time or get your sentence reduced. If the case does go to court, he or she will also represent you for sentencing proceedings. They can fight for parole or probation too.

A criminal defense attorney may not know how to deal with this type of legal issue, so speak with an experienced professional from the start.

Minimizing Financial Penalties

One benefit of working with a civil appeals lawyer is that they can minimize financial penalties. An appeal may be made to reverse the judgment against you and when successful, it will serve to set aside your sentence. This means that any sentence, such as monetary penalties, is not enforceable while the appeal remains pending. It also allows you time to explore alternative avenues for resolving the underlying dispute without being restricted by a criminal conviction.

Reduced Punishment for Minor Offenses

In some situations, a civil appeal lawyer can reduce the punishment for minor offenses. For example, if you are convicted of driving without car insurance and are facing up to 6 months in jail and $1,000 in fines but only end up serving one day for the charge, then you may be able to lower your sentence. This would not be the case with felonies. A felony conviction is something that cannot be appealed because the time for filing a motion has passed. But a misdemeanor will allow you to contest your sentence.

 Clearing Your Name after an Arrest or Conviction

Clearing your name after an arrest or conviction requires obtaining an expungement which is more difficult if you are convicted. One way to clear your name is by appealing the conviction. An appeal essentially re-litigates the issue. A lawyer who specializes in civil appeals will help you figure out what grounds you may have for an appeal and then present that information before the courts.


If you have been charged with some criminal charge that has gone to trial, and the jury sided against you,then there is hope. If your attorney feels that they did not do enough to represent you or they believe they made a mistake, then they can seek an appeal. However, if this is not pursued right away after your trial and conviction, it can be difficult because of how often trials are recreated. This is why having an experienced civil appeals lawyer in Atlanta on your side can be invaluable.