If you have been arrested for a crime, knowing three things that can keep you out of prison: innocence, insanity, and a good lawyer are essential. So what does it mean to be a good lawyer? What do they do? What makes them different from other lawyers? And how can you find one who is suitable for your case? Here we answer all these questions and more!

Highly Specialized

A criminal defense attorney Atlanta will often specialize in certain areas of law like assault or theft. That means they know the laws in their area better than other lawyers who don’t specialize in the same area. They also know the prosecution and police better. They can anticipate how the case against them will be presented to a judge, how the prosecutor will present their case, and what the prosecutor will ask during the trial.

A good criminal defense lawyer works on a contingency fee (fee is paid only if you win your case)

Unlike most lawyers who work by charging you upfront for every hour that they spend on your case, a good lawyer works on a percentage of whatever they get for compensation when your case is won or settled. So it could be 25%, 50%, or even 70% of any money they win for you in court. That is a significant benefit because it means you will only pay the lawyer a small amount of money at the beginning of your case while they work on getting you a better deal than would be a result of your case being heard by a judge. In most cases, this will make up for the amount you could have easily spent on fees and costs by yourself.

High Experience

An excellent criminal defense attorney Atlanta will have a lot of experience working on cases like yours. That can be an essential benefit because not only does it mean that they will be familiar with how the case against you will be presented in court, it shows that they have worked hard before to win tough cases. It also shows that they have had the time to learn about all the nuances of your type of case.

Most criminal defense lawyers must pass a background check before they can even practice law. That is important to show that they have more experience than other lawyers in the state. And it gives you some assurance that no one will steal your money and that they have good intentions when working with you.

An Excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Be Honest When Talking To You About Your Case

Some lawyers might try to talk you into accepting a bad plea deal or promise you something they can’t deliver so that they can get paid and move on to their next client. That can be a horrible idea because some lawyers who do this are inexperienced or crooked. So if your lawyer tries to talk you into something like this, find someone else.

A Good Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Be Upfront With You About How Much It Will Cost

Most lawyers charge by the hour, and many times, they don’t even tell you ahead of time how many hours they are going to work on your case. But a criminal defense attorney Atlanta will be honest with you about how much they think they can help you save money and get a better deal in court than what would be afforded what would happen without their services on your case.

A Good Criminal Defense Lawyer Won’t Put Up With Your Disrespect

Your criminal defense attorney Atlanta should be an advocate for you, not someone who works for the prosecution and police! Just because your lawyer is working on getting you a better deal than what would result from your case being heard in court doesn’t mean they will let you treat them like garbage. So if you refuse to listen when your lawyer tells you they think the plea deal you offered isn’t outstanding, or if you disagree with their strategy for the case, get another lawyer.

You must know that many different types of attorneys work as criminal defense lawyers. These vary significantly in the cases they handle and their experience with various cases. It’s a good idea to work with a lawyer with experience with DUI cases because this type of attorney has spent time studying the Chehimi Law of driving while under the influence. That can be an advantage because they will have a lot of experience helping people accused of drunk driving.