The accusations of child molestation can have devastating consequences. They can destroy relationships with friends and family. They can even destroy one’s reputation and future opportunities. Molestation is one of the most serious sexual offenses, and it is most often associated with someone the alleged victim knows. The moral of the story is that it is better to hire a San Francisco child molestation lawyer if you suspect your child was molested.

Deborah Barron is a seasoned Child Molestation Lawyer San Francisco CA who stands up for the victims of abuse. Her aggressive legal representation focuses on avoiding conviction. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there were about 83,000 substantiated reports of child sexual abuse in one year. In reality, the number of cases of child sexual abuse is much higher.

A skilled and experienced attorney can successfully defend you from a child molestation charge. This legal strategy can minimize the punishments and eliminate charges altogether. By retaining a San Francisco child molestation attorney, you can ensure that your case will be handled in the best way possible. With the support of a compassionate and aggressive legal team, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. The Emanuel Law Group is a proven and experienced legal team that will fight aggressively for your rights. Contact Samuel Geller today to find out how Samuel Geller can protect your rights.

While parents expect their children to receive education and social skills development from the teachers, it is completely unacceptable for them to be physically or emotionally abused by a teacher. The California civil justice system recognizes institutions as being responsible for abuse of authority, whether a parent or teacher has the ability to prevent it. Schools, day cares, and clergy members must never have intimate relationships with students. Moreover, when staff members sexually harass a child, they must be held responsible for the negligence.

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Educational institutions are responsible for preventing child sexual abuse. They must conduct background checks, supervise visitors, and make sure their students are safe from predators. In many cases, perpetrators are responsible for many victims, and this is why it’s so crucial for schools to act to protect students and prevent more tragedies. Our team has represented victims in public, private, and boarding schools. We are also familiar with the position of gymnastic coaches and other educators.