If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, you may be considering hiring a lawyer to help with the process. As parents, we want what is best for our children and this includes advocating for them. This post will introduce you to the benefits of hiring a special education attorney can help who specializes in this area.

Who is a special education lawyer?

A special education lawyer specializes in representing parents in the area of special education. These lawyers are adept at handling disputes between school districts and parents, advocating for children’s rights, and educating families about available services. A special education lawyer can also help you understand your legal options if you believe that your child is not receiving an appropriate education in a particular school district.

Roles of a special education lawyer

Legal Advice

The first role of a special education lawyer is to provide legal advice. A lawyer can help you understand the laws that affect your family’s situation. This can give you a better idea of your rights and responsibilities regarding your child’s education. The lawyer can also educate you about any legal options that are available to you in your particular situation. For example, if the school district refuses to evaluate your child for special education services, the law says that parents can request a due process hearing. The lawyer can explain how to fill out the necessary paperwork, prepare for the hearing, and handle other aspects of this process.

Case Preparation

Once there is a conflict between a family and the school district regarding special education services or placement, the next step is often legal action – either through mediation or file a complaint in court. You will want to work with your lawyer to prepare for this process. This may include gathering information, filling out legal paperwork or drafting letters to school officials.

Representation in Court

A special education lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and represent your case in court. Lawyers have years of experience with the special education system and know how to be effective advocates for children’s rights. A representative from the school district will usually be present at the due process hearing, so it is important that you are well represented in order to protect your child’s best interests.

Special Education Assistance

A lawyer can also help you access special education services in your local school district. A lawyer can answer questions about IEPs, eligibility for special education, and other aspects of these services. By knowing your rights, you are in a better position to stand up for your child’s educational needs.


Working with a special education lawyer is especially important if you are going through a divorce or separation because it helps protect the rights of your child. If you are divorced or separated and disagree with how the other parent is handling special education, you can use your lawyer to advocate for your child’s needs. In some cases, lawyers have helped parents gain temporary custody of their children in order to ensure that their special education needs are met by one parent.

The legal system can be complicated and many parents are unfamiliar with their rights in the area of special education. A special education lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and advocate for your child’s best interests while educating you on your options. By understanding the roles of a special education lawyer, you can better decide if this type of professional is right for your family.