The nature of the work that semi-truck drivers perform means they are always exposed to several risks. The size and weight of these trucks make them more difficult to handle than other vehicles, which is why you will see special licensing and training requirements for those who want to drive these large rigs.

Similar to other driving jobs, there is a risk of injuries while working as a semi-truck driver. These can range from minor strains and sprains up to serious injuries like broken bones or traumatic brain injury. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 10% of all fatal truck accidents involve semi-trucks. Because of this, prospective drivers need to know about some common risks that come with truck driving jobs so they can plan accordingly.

What are trucking injuries?

When we talk about truck injuries, we’re talking about any physical harm resulting from the truck driver’s job. These can result from an accident, or they can be sustained during the normal course of the driver’s duties. The most common types of injuries you will see include:

For these reasons, it’s important to always know your rights regarding compensation and worker’s compensation if you’re ever injured on the job.

What are trucking injuries for?

As a truck driver, there are a few different types of injuries that could result from working for your employer. They are:

In addition to these three injury types, you may also suffer from any number of related issues like:

This is why talking to an experienced attorney is important if you ever sustain an injury while on the job.

What ends up happening is that the trucking companies do not want to pay for medical treatments and want to skirt any sort of responsibility regarding the workers’ compensation insurance laws. This will lead to stressed-out drivers who may be afraid that their careers are in jeopardy because they had an accident or injury.

Examples of cases where trucking injuries can occur

Sure, these injuries can happen from a truck accident or a small slip and fall incident but the more common is when a large truck collides with another car or something.

This may include:

If you are ever injured in any of these ways on the job then you should speak with an attorney about your situation. They will be able to give you some insight into what type of compensation package may be available to you in your state and if there are any legal options, you have for filing suit against your employer for damages.

What about people who suffer injuries during off-the-job activities? A worker could sustain an injury related to a piece of equipment that the employer provides them, but not while on duty. The worker may have been doing some maintenance, modification to the equipment, or other on/off duty activities. In such events, workers can still file for workers’ compensation coverage. But the determination of whether an injury is related to work or not will come from the court’s definitions of “employment” and “hazardous activity”. Both of the terms have been construed by many state courts in different ways.

Where can you find more information about trucking injuries

You should look into the National Center for Statistics if you have been injured while working as a truck driver and need a little more information. They have plenty of resources available to help you understand what your job entails and why it’s so important to be careful when driving large trucks. You can also find further information about this topic on OSHA’s website, which the United States Department of Labor runs.